2019.4.24 13:10

We announce holding of digital release, whole country tour!

Xmas Eileen has released a digital single "NO NAME" on Sunday, May 5 and announced that it will hold a tour "NO NAME" TOUR 2019 at 14 locations across the country!

Delivered four digital releases in 2018. My own tour does not go around, and I have been active mainly in appearances on tours of large festivals and friends of my home and abroad, but my own tour will finally begin!

The title of the digital single for 5/5 (Sun) delivery is "NO NAME". leader ・ No Name (Vo. Right) "We made this song because we are a rock band. It is a song that is nothing other than live, so please be flexible before listening! Listen at home or car I don't know if it's comfortable or not (laughs) If you're tired please come and see it, it's a song for that only. "
Details of the song will be announced later!

The national tour that starts on Saturday, June 8 starts at Shinsaibashi BIG CAT and final at Shinjuku LOFT on October 11 (Fri) at 14 locations.

Details of each place are here