2018.9.28 0:00

【COME BACK ROCK'N ROLL】presented by Xmas Eileen

【COME BACK ROCK'N ROLL】presented by Xmas Eileen will held on 3days from 11/23(Fri・holiday) to 11/25(Sun)!!

Official advance booking will start from 9/21(Fri)19:00〜!!
(3day pass ticket can only buy from Official advance booking )

・It will be the joint gig with Xmas Eileen
・After the gig, we have after party with DJ time.
・There are sticker for novelty goods!
(Day1→red, Day2→blue, Day3→yellow)
Gift to all visitors!
All three days end by 23:00.
Advance booking currently accepting!
You can participate with this ticket, both main gig and after party★



@Shibuya SPACE ODD
Hikawa building B1.B2 11-2 Sarugakucho Shibuya Ward Tokyo
TEL: 03-6452-5671

OPEN START / 18:00
TICKET : ¥3,000 / 3days ticket¥7,500(※Can only buy from official advance booking)
※needs a beverage fee at the time of admission
※needs ticket 6 years old or older

①Joint gig with X.E for the Main event
②After the gig, we have after party at the same place with DJ time.
※You can be in the venue if you have ticket◎
※All three days end by 23:00!