2018.8.8 12:00

「Wake up My friend」song and music video out now!!

Today, August 8th 2018,
Third consecutive single of four single in a row,
「Wake up My friends」are going to release.

「You might impress the freshness from this title, but actually it is agressive rock music!
We wanted to make a special song for the gigs,
so it is simple composition for us.
This song contains a wish to get real because of such an age with little bit of irony.
We worked carefully with the words and rhythm not to get too serious.
but that was really hard. lol
Anyway, we made a hot song so after you memorize this song come to our show and let's dance together!
I want to hear the resounding chorus of「wake up wake up wake up!」
Sing and dance!
Now this is Xmas Eileen!
Get real! My friend!」
Leader・No Name(Vo. right)

The music video has released at the same time, A zombie is running, seeking for something or someone.
Members of Xmas Eileen are performing in the pure white space.
Story continues without the performer that should be in the center of the band.
Is the performer fired?
Is this the new Xmas Eileen without their trench coat?
Where did he go?
While we're in a golden age of zombie movies.
Xmas Eileen never thought that they will be shooting a zombie music video.
This music video is released today.

「Wake up My friends」(Youtube ver.)