2018.8.1 12:00

「Holy Nights」LNE BLOG Start!!

An original novel written by the performer of Xmas Eileen「Holy Nights」is going to be released on the LINE BLOG. It was a special gift for purchasing Xmas Eileen's 2nd Album 「DIS IS LOVE」Limited Edition but we received many good comments so we decided to share it.

Xmas Eileen is a team formed by not only the band members but also with a Composer, Movie director and a Designer.
Every member on stage wears a white mask and has no name.
Not many people know about the inside but the 「Holy Nights」 will show you a little more about them.
The performer wrote what he saw and felt through his eyes about their journey.
Some stories might be unbelievable and shocking.
Some people might even think this is a fairy tale.
But you will find yourself excited and satisfied at the end of the story.

「Holy Nights ~Chapter 2~」will also be released
soon and Chapter 3 will be coming.
A story that can be written only because he is the performer of Xmas Eileen.
Please look forward to it.