2018.3.30 12:00

【Music Video of「Dance Number」revealed!!】

First release of the series of 4 new songs
Music Video of "Dance Number" is now available on YouTube!!

「Dance Number」

This digital release can be downloaded and steaming in iTunes Store, Spotify, d-HITS and many other major online music service websites!

Comment from Vocal R.
"We have made a funny trailer on the previous promotion, here begins the serious main chapter. We are not good at being cool when commercial promoting, so we just have some fun anyway. That makes our main work music cool in contrast.

We are not good people which fit us in the concept of Dark Hero, like heroes in American Comics.

The title of『Dance Number』literally means you can dance however you like, and forget whatever borders you. Well, we cannot save you from all your pain but I wish this song can let you forget your agony for just a moment, or at least one second!

Please let it be in your life!"

Furthermore, there will be Song Selection Meeting of release in June.
It will be held in the ESP Entertainment, Osaka Campus on 14th April.
Free entry but application is needed, the general admission can be apply from 30th March.

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