Apologize about the new song

Xmas Eileen's new song was originally going to shown for the first time in the ZIP-FM「Kiss me tonight」last night, but the song didn't broadcast by mistake of the staff.

We apologize to who looking forward to this announce, and also listening to the radio despite the late night.

I'm sorry for the short notice, we will broadcast the new song 「BAD BOYS BE AMBITIOUS」on the following program.
Band member put everything they had into this new song.
Please listen to this radio who looking foward to our new song.
We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Xmas Eileen Staff

12/14 RUDIE’S PRESENTS 【ROCK IT RUDIE’S】 new live schedule

Xmas Eileen will be performing at


tickets sold from 10/13(Sat)10:00

for more information

artwork revealed!!! new single 「BAD BOYS BE AMBITIOUS」

Xmas Eileen's 4th single
of the 4 in a row release 2018

「BAD BOYS BE AMBITIOUS」will be released
and the artwork is revealed!!

it will be played for the first time at
ZIP-FM「Kiss me tonight」

Don't miss it!

【COUNT DOWN JAPAN 18/19】Xmas Eileen new live schedule

【rocckin on presents COUNT DOWN JAPAN 18/19】
wich will be held on for 4days during
at Makuhari Messe

for further information

‪◉CDJ1819 Official Website

【COME BACK ROCK'N ROLL】presented by Xmas Eileen

【COME BACK ROCK'N ROLL】presented by Xmas Eileen will held on 3days from 11/23(Fri・holiday) to 11/25(Sun)!!

Official advance booking will start from 9/21(Fri)19:00〜!!
(3day pass ticket can only buy from Official advance booking )

・It will be the joint gig with Xmas Eileen
・After the gig, we have after party with DJ time.
・There are sticker for novelty goods!
(Day1→red, Day2→blue, Day3→yellow)
Gift to all visitors!
All three days end by 23:00.
Advance booking currently accepting!
You can participate with this ticket, both main gig and after party★



@Shibuya SPACE ODD
Hikawa building B1.B2 11-2 Sarugakucho Shibuya Ward Tokyo
TEL: 03-6452-5671

OPEN START / 18:00
TICKET : ¥3,000 / 3days ticket¥7,500(※Can only buy from official advance booking)
※needs a beverage fee at the time of admission
※needs ticket 6 years old or older

①Joint gig with X.E for the Main event
②After the gig, we have after party at the same place with DJ time.
※You can be in the venue if you have ticket◎
※All three days end by 23:00!

【9/24 Live information】

On 9/24(Mon) Xmas Eileen will perform at
MAYKIDZ "9/Theories Tour"at LIVE SQUARE 2nd LINE(Osaka)

ACT : MAYKIDZ / PAM / Xmas Eileen

Tickets on sale!

for further information

10/6 Event cancelled

「BLACKSIDE HILL」at Sendai PIT has been cancelled due to consequences of the host.

for more information

【Before Christmas 2018 Tohoku Live House Operation Joint gig band announced 】

The Two Man Live tour
「Before Christmas 2018」
that had been held in Tokyo and Osaka alternately since January to June sold out their tickets in every 8gigs.

Members of Xmas Eileen eagerly desired to this tour in Tohoku and finally they are.

【Before Christmas 2018 Tohoku Live House Operation】

●9/29(Sat) @Oofunato KESEN ROCK FREAKS
●9/30(Sun) @Ishimaki BLUE RESISTANCE

Tickets registration starts at 8/19(Sun)12:00〜

for more information
9/29 :
9/30 :

「INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018」time table announced!!

「INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018」held on 3days from 9/22(Sat)・to 9/24(Mon・holiday) at Lawn Open Space, Karasuma Peninsula, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture, announced the time table.

Xmas Eileen will play on 9/23(Sun).
・Fujin stage
・From 13:05〜

Visit the link below for the time table↓

Please check out for further information on the official INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018 website.

「Wake up My friend」song and music video out now!!

Today, August 8th 2018,
Third consecutive single of four single in a row,
「Wake up My friends」are going to release.

「You might impress the freshness from this title, but actually it is agressive rock music!
We wanted to make a special song for the gigs,
so it is simple composition for us.
This song contains a wish to get real because of such an age with little bit of irony.
We worked carefully with the words and rhythm not to get too serious.
but that was really hard. lol
Anyway, we made a hot song so after you memorize this song come to our show and let's dance together!
I want to hear the resounding chorus of「wake up wake up wake up!」
Sing and dance!
Now this is Xmas Eileen!
Get real! My friend!」
Leader・No Name(Vo. right)

The music video has released at the same time, A zombie is running, seeking for something or someone.
Members of Xmas Eileen are performing in the pure white space.
Story continues without the performer that should be in the center of the band.
Is the performer fired?
Is this the new Xmas Eileen without their trench coat?
Where did he go?
While we're in a golden age of zombie movies.
Xmas Eileen never thought that they will be shooting a zombie music video.
This music video is released today.

「Wake up My friends」(Youtube ver.)

「Holy Nights」LNE BLOG Start!!

An original novel written by the performer of Xmas Eileen「Holy Nights」is going to be released on the LINE BLOG. It was a special gift for purchasing Xmas Eileen's 2nd Album 「DIS IS LOVE」Limited Edition but we received many good comments so we decided to share it.

Xmas Eileen is a team formed by not only the band members but also with a Composer, Movie director and a Designer.
Every member on stage wears a white mask and has no name.
Not many people know about the inside but the 「Holy Nights」 will show you a little more about them.
The performer wrote what he saw and felt through his eyes about their journey.
Some stories might be unbelievable and shocking.
Some people might even think this is a fairy tale.
But you will find yourself excited and satisfied at the end of the story.

「Holy Nights ~Chapter 2~」will also be released
soon and Chapter 3 will be coming.
A story that can be written only because he is the performer of Xmas Eileen.
Please look forward to it.

The artwork of 「Wake up My friend」which will be digital released on 8/8 has been revealed

The artwork of 「Wake up My friend」which will be digital released on 8/8 has been revealed today.
This will be the 3rd song released from the 4 songs continuous release event.
This song has a unique point of view and the design is full of playfulness.
The song will be heard for the first time on
their regular radio show ZIP-FM「Kiss me tonight」
Look forward for more news of Xmas Eileen.

■ZIP-FM 「Kiss me tonight」
Every Monday night 1:30~2:00

【Xmas Eileen live schedule「INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018」】

Xmas Eileen will play on
「INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018」Fujin stage!
Which will be held in Lawn Open Space, Karasuma Peninsula, Kusatsu City, Shiga Prefecture during 3days from 9/22(Sat)・to 9/24(Mon・holiday)

Xmas Eileen will appear in Fujin stage on 9/23(Sun) .
※Fujin stage is free viewing space.

Check out for further information on the official 「INAZUMA ROCK FES 2018」 website.

【Xmas Eileen live schedule「TSUBETSU BRAVE TRIBE」】

Xmas Eileen will play on

@ Abashiri,Hokkaido

Admission free event.

for more information check out our
official website

【Xmas Eileen live schedule「BLACKSIDEHILL」】

10/6 (Sat) Xmas Eileen will appear in 「BLACKSIDEHILL」held at Sendai PIT.

W / LOW IQ 01&ANOTHER BEAT BREAKER/Radical Hardcore Clique/and more!!

Presale tickets will be available from tomorrow7/24〜

Please check out for details and ticket information from here.