Xmas Eileen "Title song selection meeting & live show" in Shimokitazawa ReG, Tokyo[ URL ]

TITLE Xmas Eileen "Title song selection meeting & live show" in TOKYO
INFO Xmas Eileen
"Title song selection meeting & live show" in TOKYO!!

Title song selection meeting & Special Live show, this time Xmas Eileen will bring it to Tokyo!! On 27th JUNE,2018(Wed)!!

★A chance for you listening to the new songs of Xmas Eileen before anyone else!
Moreover, your vote can determine which song will be the next release!

Quota of 200 persons and we will have both selection meeting and free show!!

《Application period》
starts from 10 MAY(Thu) 12:00 noon - 10 JUNE 23:59 noon JST

《Way of submit the application》
①Send a mail with Title 「選考会東京」to below email
Inside the mail, you should write down your full name, gender and age.
*Your data will only use for Song Selection Meeting application.

②We will send you a confirmation letter through your applied mail.

③After the application period, lottery will be drawn. Results will only send to applicants who wins the ticket on 15th JUNE,2018(Fri).
E-ticket will send through your applied e-mail.
**For admission from overseas, this event will only provide the ticket for entry the meeting and the show. If you wish to apply for the ticket, please make sure that we will NOT provide any travel expenses or accommodations. We are not responsible for any activities outside the event.

We are waiting for your submission!!

Shimokitazawa ReG, Tokyo

TIME OPEN / 18:00 START / 19:00