• Wake up My friend

    2018.8.8Release 「Wake up My friend」
  • Friday Night

  • Dance Number

    2018.04.04 RELEASE
  • "Candy Smile" Music Video (Special edit)

    Track from album "DIS IS LOVE" released on 18 OCT
  • "99.9 "Music video short ver.

    Xmas Eileen 2017/4/19(Wed) Release
    1st Single "99.9 "Music video short ver.

    Full version will be recorded in limited edition dvd disc!!
  • Future Song Music Video

    M-12 from major debut album "ONLY THE BEGINNING" released on 31 AUG,2016.
  • Fly High Music Video

    Fly High Music Video from 1st Album" ONLY THE BEGINNING"
  • Keep on A・B・C・ing Music Video

    Music Video of from 2nd mini album "WORLD COUNTDOWN"
  • Don't say good-bye Music Video

    M-6 from 1st mini album "SORRY WHO AM I?"
  • No Justice in this world Music Video

    Track from 1st mini album "SORRY WHO AM I ?"

  • Kiss me kill me tonight Music Video

    1st Music Video from "SORRY WHO AM I?"
  • Trailor of "DIS IS LOVE"

    2017.10.18 RELEASED
    2nd Album ”DIS IS LOVE”