2017.3.28 12:00

1st Single "99.9" Original Premium Present Campaign!!

By pre-order and purchasing Xmas Eileen 1st Single "99.9"
Original premium present will giveaway in below record shops!!

Xmas Eileen "99.9"
1st press limited edition(CD+DVD):VIZL-1147 ¥1,980(tax excl.)
General edition:VICL-37264 ¥1,480(tax excl.)

◆TOWER RECORD Original present
[first come, first get] Original design sticker
**Either(VIZL-1147 or VICL-37264)also can get one sticker for buying one single.

◆[Limited in Shibuya & Shinjuku]TOWER RECORD All 99.9 Goods you can get present campaign

By pre-order and purchasing in the store of TOWER RECORD SHIBUYA, TOWER RECORD SHINJUKU, one application card will attach to one single.

The application card can join the lucky draw of "All 99.9 Goods you can get"campaign, the lottery result will be announced in LINE APP.

Application period: 2017/04/18(Tue)~2017/04/25(Tue)
Please hand in the application card to below counter.

<Application box>
・TOWER RECORD SHIBUYA 1F Premium present counter
・TOWER RECORD SHINJUKU 7F, 8F Information counter

※Please fill in your name which can be shown in the LINE APP.
※The present will deliver 2 weeks after the result announced.
※International shipping is not available.

◆TSUTAYA RECORDS Xmas Eileen “99.9” Special Campaign!
Invitation of「99.9」TOUR 2017 for 4 persons/2 groups at each city.
Total of the lottery drawing quota will be 14 groups(28 persons) can be a free guest to the tour.

And there is also a special lottery of an autograph poster!

By pre-order and purchasing in any store of TSUTAYA or TSUTAYA online, one application card will attach with one single for the first comers. Please noted that application card is limited.

(※For TSUTAYA online, application card will attach to who pre-ordered.)

<Lottery drawing>
【Course A】
Live reporter invitation to「99.9」TOUR 2017
(Each show:2 groups(4 persons) ※Total 14 groups(28 persons)

【Course B】
Autograph poster 20 persons

【Application period】
<Course A> 2017/4/18(Tue) ~5/1(Mon)arrival
<Course B> 2017/4/18(Tue)~5/19(Fri)arrival

※Either Course A or Course B can be chosen. You cannot apply to both courses.
※Please beware to the deadline of each course
※Please read the instructions on the application card carefully.
※Poster will not ship overseas.

・About Course A
Invitation schedule of「99.9」TOUR 2017.One application can only apply to one show.
⬜︎ 2017/5/12(Fri) Sendai HOOK(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/5/14(Sun) Sapporo BESSIE HALL(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/6/9 (Fri) Fukuoka DRUM SON(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/6/11(Sun) Okayama IMAGE(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/6/22(Thu) Tokyo, Ebisu LIQUID ROOM(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/6/23(Fri) Nagoya E.L.L(2 groups/4 persons)
⬜︎ 2017/6/25(Sun) Osaka, Namba Hatch(2 groups/4 persons)

※Please noted that a priority of invitation will be considered to the live reporter whom can update or post on their own SNS, blog.

※There will be a meet and greet after the live show for the invited live reporters.
※Invitation card will be delivered to who the winner of the lottery later.
※Details of the invitation will reveal after the lottery
※Any query of the result of the lottery will not be answered.
※Please beware that the application card of TSUTAYA special campaign is limited.
※Please beware that some store of TSUTAYA will not have the application card.
※To who wanted to get the application, please contact to exact store that you will go.

For more details on the instore events:

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