Xmas Eileen "Title song selection meeting & live show" at ESP Osaka Campus, CLUB GARDEN

TITLE Xmas Eileen "Title song selection meeting & live show"
INFO Xmas Eileen
"Title song selection meeting & live show"

★A chance for you listening to the new songs of Xmas Eileen before anyone else!
Moreover, your vote can determine which song will be the next release!

★Special live show after the selection meeting!!
★And free gift for everyone!!!!

Not just the members of Xmas Eileen fan club【club1225】,
we also want a just voting in this selection, students of ESP Osaka campus and
other applicants can join the voting as well.

Here we now opened the advance application for fan club【club1225】members!

Way to join the selection meeting:

①Fanclub advance application
6 MAR (Tue)~20 MAR (Tue)
(Application webpage will be opened right before it starts)
※Pair tickets will give to who can participate. You can invite a non-member to this event. (Of course you also can come alone!)
**Sorry that the page of FAN CLUB 【club1225】is in JAPANESE language only.

After the advance application, general application also available.
We are waiting for your submission!


Date: 14th April, 2018 -Sat-
OPEN 18:30 /START 19:00

Venue : ESP Osaka Campus "CLUB GARDEN"

ESP Osaka Campus "CLUB GARDEN"

TIME OPEN / 18:19 START / 19:00